Becoming nature

Sooooo, the Mardi Gras costume – Green woman – was tried today.

The process of making it was quite fun, yet I never felt more challenged in this. I was dealing with beautiful fabric I will later use for my clothes, therefore everything had to be sown or put on in original shape. Plus, I was putting forest greens on top of it (and on top of my head). I was lucky, critters of all kinds had not started awakening yet.

I started by going to the woods, to find some living things for the costume. Lots of ivy (we have growing at home too but I feel it’s too elaborate and the costune wouldn’t look as authentic) and moss, some brown leaves, some lilac crocuses and everything else I could find.

I’ve sown some of the dried moss (I only left it to dry for half a day to not lose any of the colour) into my already made grey-white ghost dress, which served as a basic. Then I’ve sown the golden fabric (no Mardi Gras in Slovenia without some gold by the way) into the dress, under tons of net-like strips. I’ve made it look like Oriental pants, not a skirt. I’ve sown on ivy vines and let them just float between the strips of the dress. Lastly, I’ve put the greenish-yellow pongee fabric through the dress’s side intended for a belt and added some ivy.

I made the crown next – a garland from ivy vines on which I’ve glued greenery, crocuses and nutgalls I found on oak tree.

Last, I’ve designed the make-up I was wearing under the mask. I looked at a bunch of fairy and mother earth video tutorials and made myself green and golden. Luckily, I had enough green eyeshadows from a lizard Halloween mask making. I also put some ancient Druidic symbols over the color.

That done and mask (a gift, that’s why it stayed silver) put on, I only had to put the boiled wool over the costume that is my future blanket coat, and fasten it with a belt.

And voila. Spring announcer in front of her realm with a strikingly red companion representing the blood of the animals that are awakening.